Elite Turnaround Specialists (ETS) Fab Shop

Elite Turnaround Specialists (ETS) is a Complete Turnaround Service and Fabrication Facility that Performs Scheduled & Emergency Turnaround Work Bringing a Modern Technology & Custom Designed Fleet Specializing in Boilermakers, Riggers, Pipe Fitters, Welders, Machinist, Millwrights, Torque Specialists.

Carbon/Chrome shop (new)

  • 21,000 Square Feet Under Roof for Fabrication (60x350x30)
  • 3 - 10 Ton Overhead Cranes
  • 18 - 1 Ton Davit Arm Stations
  • 2 - Automated Welding Stations
  • 10 - Manual Weld Stations w/IRCO Positioners
  • 6 - Pipe Fitting Stations w/IRCO Positioners
  • 6 - Pipeworx 400 Welding Machines
  • 10+ Acre Laydown Yard
  • WATTS 4-Axis Computer Controlled Pipe Cutter
  • IRCO Automated Sub Arc Welding Machine
  • Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Technology (AMET)
       Automated GTAW (TIG) Pipe Spool Welder
  • AXXAIR Orbital Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machines


    Elite Turnaround Specialists-Fabrication Facility offers full time CWI, QA/QC personnel and staff. We follow ASME, NBIC and API standards and codes, while also holding the stamps R, S, U and PP. ETS can also perform in house NDE services including but not limited to hydro testing, pneumatic testing, ultrasonic shear wave, die testing and mag particle inspection. In addition to these measures, ETS follows strict compliance to weld metal control and base metal control through ETS's QA/QC manual to ensure the best quality for our customers.

3400 Knauth Rd. Beaumont, TX 77705 | 409-237-6111

Stainless Steel/Alloy shop

  • Approx. 8000 Square Feet
  • 6 - 1 Ton Davit Arms
  • 2 - Pipeworx 400 Welding Machines
  • 4 - Power Positioners
  • 2 Acre Laydown Yard

ASME Certifications

  • "R" Stamp
  • "U" Stamp
  • "S" Stamp
  • "PP" Stamp