Stronghold Specialty, Ltd. maintains a human resources hiring and training center located near the corporate office in La Porte, TX. This facility has five training rooms to run congruent sessions.

The Rescue/Life Support training room holds twenty people. It provides a venue for learning High Angle Rescue and Life Support and practicing rope and hauling systems with wall and ceiling mounted anchors.

The Computer Based Training (CBT) room contains thirteen computer training stations to allow employees to complete specific company required CBT courses without going to the Houston Safety Council. This provides convenience for employees while saving cost for the company and the client.

The most cost effective and safety based aspect of the new training facility is the NCCER Assessment Room. This room seats up to thirteen employees, and it houses workstations to facilitate electronic or written delivery of NCCER assessments. Stronghold Specialty is a certified NCCER Assessment Center.

The hiring center includes computer stations to allow applicants and new employees to complete pre- and post- employment paperwork digitally as well as craft testing.

These new and innovative features allow Stronghold Specialty, Ltd. to be an efficient and cost-effective leader in hiring and training and becoming the benchmark within the industry.